Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jersey Shore Half Marathon Update

So, I completed my first Half Marathon last week! I am so happy I didn't stop to walk even though my legs/feet were killing me and I had to pee finished the race. My time was 1 hour 56 minutes and 20 seconds. Also happy that I finished at a time that was way faster that what I expected and was pacing for originally (2hrs 20 minutes, or about 10 minutes per mile). I actually kept it around 9 minutes per mile. I know that's not like an all-star pace, but I thought it was pretty awesome considering that I've never been on my feet for that many consecutive miles in my life.

This was Ralph's 2nd Half Marathon. He finished 6 minutes faster than his last time. Good job honey! He also broke a 2 hour Half Marathon.

I remember reading about other people's Half Marathon experiences, and all I can say is that, while the descriptions were SOOOOO helpful as far as preparing me mentally, nothing could compare to going out there and experiencing this race for myself (oh, except for this awesome post by Angela of Oh She Glows. Now I relate a bit better, too.) I really want to do more long distance races like this in the future. Currently, I don't have any plans for another Half, but I do have my eye on a Halloween themed race in 3 weeks, hosted in Manayunk and, aptly named, Hallowyunk. How cute :).

Better get off my butt and start running again (now that my knees no longer feel like someone took a hammer to them).

Oh another thing: Ralph and I are volunteering at the Philadelphia Marathon this year. Obviously, running in that race would have been really cool (and hopefully we can do it this year) but by the time we wanted to sign up, the price was quite expensive (I gather they all are, at least if you don't jump on it as soon as they open registration). Though I'd love to be in the race, I look forward to being part of the volunteer crew- you get to share the energy of the crowd with the runners, cheer them on, just have a good time hanging out around this beautiful and historic town. I can't wait!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer Breeze

Yesterday was my 24th birthday. Ralph and I celebrated by eating German Oat (bundt) Cake. Naturally it was bigger than my head. Ralph, after kicking me out of the kitchen, spent most of Tuesday night baking (the best cake ever) my birthday cake. 

I should note, he topped it with homemade butter cream instead of the usual caramel/coconut topping. What a guy!

Yes, that is a set of weights on the table, perfectly positioned next to the tomatoes. 

Today I ran 2 miles, not because I was trying to run off the delicious cake and Indian food from last night, but more-so for my general sanity. I admit, it helped. And I was very happy to be running/jogging, since the weather has been a lot cooler here the past two days. 

Hmm... I think I just might run in the nearby park after getting out of work tomorrow....

Have a happy Labor day weekend!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jersey Shore Half Marathon

Just signed up for this on Sunday: 

In preparation, Ralph and I ran 5 miles on Saturday, 6 miles on Sunday. I will probably run low mileage during the weekdays.

This is my first Half Marathon ever. To be honest, I'm looking to establish a base and see how I feel about running more halfs in the future. In the past, I would have preferred to be running more consistently (about 5x a week), for at least 8 weeks ahead. This time, it will probably be about 4 times per week.