Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer Breeze

Yesterday was my 24th birthday. Ralph and I celebrated by eating German Oat (bundt) Cake. Naturally it was bigger than my head. Ralph, after kicking me out of the kitchen, spent most of Tuesday night baking (the best cake ever) my birthday cake. 

I should note, he topped it with homemade butter cream instead of the usual caramel/coconut topping. What a guy!

Yes, that is a set of weights on the table, perfectly positioned next to the tomatoes. 

Today I ran 2 miles, not because I was trying to run off the delicious cake and Indian food from last night, but more-so for my general sanity. I admit, it helped. And I was very happy to be running/jogging, since the weather has been a lot cooler here the past two days. 

Hmm... I think I just might run in the nearby park after getting out of work tomorrow....

Have a happy Labor day weekend!


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