Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Activities

On Saturday, Ralph and I rode our bikes down to Reading Terminal Market for lunch. We ate gyros there and then biked around town for a little while. We then rode back home in the late afternoon. All in all, we rode about 2 hours (from home, to the city and back). Guess how far we rode? Nearly 20 miles! (Before mapping that, I figured, oh maybe 14 miles, but 20 in 90ish degree weather?) No wonder I was so tired!

Sunday morning, I wanted to go for a short run up into the Mount Airy section of Philadelphia for breakfast (Don't you love how I am so motivated by food?). We ran about 1.5 miles, but I think that was pretty successful considering that it was so humid out yesterday morning. 

Sorry for the lack of pictures today. Luckily, I took pictures of my newest project- a t-shirt memory quilt.
You know all those t-shirts you collect over the years from races, team sports, volunteer events, shirts you grew out of/too old for etc. Yeah, I am one of those girls who couldn't bear to part with them... any of them. So, I decided I'll use them to make a quilt. Here we go!

Ralph measured out a  13"x13" piece of cardboard:

I wrapped the t-shirts around the cardboard square and outlined the edges/corners.

Ralph helped cut out the squares of fabric:

But after a weekend of biking, running, and cutting between 20 and 30 squares of fabric, Ralph was pretty tuckered out.

  I think that's a pile of t-shirt scraps he's sleeping on..... or is he?

And then to end the weekend on an even better note, we went for a walk/hike in the park. 

Up ahead:
  • More updates on the great Memory T-Shirt Quilt of 2012.
  • More on my effort to get back into consistent running since I'm looking to run my first half marathon this fall. Details to follow. 
Happy Monday!


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