Friday, August 6, 2010

Back On Track!

Good morning!

I'm finally onto thursday


Pre-bike ride snack- Frozen Fudge Baby!
I then proceeded to go for an hour long bike ride- about 11 miles- in the middle of the day. It was very warm outside, but still nice for a bike ride.

I came home hungry and whipped up a quick olive oil sauce for my spaghetti- with onion, farmers market tomatoes, garlic, basil, black pepper and salt.  

Then threw in the spaghetti:

I took a shower, went for a walk with Rudy and then went for a longer walk by myself. Only then did I realize how HOT it was!

Got back and started cooking dinner. So a few weeks ago, when I saw Angela cook patty pan squash, I knew I wanted to try these cute vegetables too. Luckily I found some at the farmers last weekend and snatched them up! 
I cut out the middle of each squash and popped them in the oven at 350*, for about 30 minutes. Then I started cooking the ground beef. I actually used 2 pans- one for the ground beef, one for the vegetables. While the ground beef was browning, I sauteed a white onion and my red, orange and yellow tomatoes. After the meat was mostly done, I poured off the fat and added the vegetables, plus garlic, salt, pepper, paprika and cumin. After squash and meat mixture was done, I stuffed the squash, then threw some extra meat on my plate (I was thinking stuffed pepper when making these babies, but the squash were very small!)

After finishing dinner, Melissa mentioned how she could go for a hot fudge sundae. I could, too. So I ran to the nearest store (CVS) and they did a buy one get one free.... so I got 2 flavors.
Ate butter pecan with chocolate sauce and cherry!
 YUM! I'm so glad to really be back! See you later!


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