Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bits and Pieces- Sunday and Monday



Ralph made blueberry pancakes! I had this one topped with pb and honey.

Ralph and I rode our bikes to run some errands (picked up rechargeable batteries for my camera, whoot!). I love Ralph's town. Granted, it's a small town, but you can easily bike, if not walk, to even the furthest stores.

Lunch repeat:
Butter lettuce + red cabbage (I LOVE red cabbage and would eat it on it's own if need be)

More quiche, yum!

Still having an excess of eggs, we boiled some eggs while preparing lunch, then made deviled eggs!
Ralph's putting the paprika on them. I added cayenne to a few of them for a little heat.

Had this one with cayenne
And then had the crazy idea to go for a run while the weather held up. I say crazy because I had just eaten a deviled egg. Luckily, I didn't get really sick or anything, but I really don't like to run right after eating. I ended up doing 4 miles, while Ralph biked the route with me.

Later on, pasta, the last of the creamy tomato sauce topped with parm. 
And then pretty much lounged the rest of the night.



And then I hit the road after Ralph left for work. I drove about 3 1/2 hours from Central NY to my sister's house in South Jersey.

I was greeted by my new best friend/nephew, Rudy:
He was a bit camera shy here. I hope to post a picture/video of when he first sees me... He goes crazy! He wiggles his tail and butt and then jumps on me. Ok, ok, I know that's probably a pretty normal reaction, but it's just so cute!

Melissa made the fruit salad- so refreshing!                    The last of the quiche :(                            

Rudy was happy to see me, but I think he still missed his mom :(

My sister, Melissa, made meatballs and sauce, so I cooked up some pasta before she got home from work.

Melissa's peanut butter pie

I was so happy to be in one place again, but not for long....


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