Monday, August 9, 2010

Monster Faces

Good morning! I hope you're all having a good Monday so far!

Friday began with a peach:
(And all I could think about while photographing this was how weird my hand looks when flattened out behind the peach!)

And my monster faced breakfast:
Was I going for a happy faced pancake breakfast at IHOP? I don't know, but for some reason I see funny faces in my breakfast sometimes.

I think this was a late breakfast (oddly enough because I was trying to catch up on blog posting...)

By mid-afternoon, I really wanted to go for a bike ride. I ended up doing a 15 mile loop, stopping about halfway at the nearby Amish Farmer's Market. I also wanted to pick something up because I was hungry for lunch. I snacked on some dates and buffalo flavored pretzel chips. Here's my loot:

When I got back from my ride, I was quite hungry. I really wanted to make some kind of sandwich... I was thinking about a hummus sandwich, but when I found my hummus in the caverns of the fridge, it was a little bit moldy- yuck! I chucked the hummus and went for a grilled cheese:

Peek of the inside:
Not quite as good as when my mom makes it, but was still gooey and delicious!

I showered and changed and waited for my sister to come home with Rudy. A couple times a month, Rudy goes to 'camp' to play with other dogs. I spent the whole day without him and it was weirder/lonelier than I expected.

Then, Melissa and I went out to Don Pablo's for Mexican. I got the veggie fajitas.

And while taking pics, I think I was a decent ninja and was able to take the pictures quick enough to avoid weird looks from the waiters/other patrons, sweet! And if not, that's OK too- it was delicious and picture worthy.

On that note- if you're a blogger, do you feel weird about taking pictures in public or around family that knows/doesn't know about your blog?


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