Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bits and Pieces 3- Saturday

Happy Wednesday/Thursday! Before I begin my recap (still trying to get caught up, sorry!), I was hoping to make yesterday my big catch up day, but alas, life threw me for a loop again. Basically, I'm trying to get an Americorps position in Philly and since I'm not from PA, they want me to send them my NYS criminal background check. I found out yesterday that in order to get your background check, you have to get your fingerprints done... so more or less to get that done asap I had to do an impromptu drive back up to NY. I mean it wasn't that bad of a drive (little over 2 hours) but it was such short notice and I felt like I was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off :( Anywho, I'm back here in Jersey, and hopefully I won't have to rush out of the state again, at least for a few days haha!

Saturday morning:
So, although we still had a lot of eggs, Ralph and I went out for breakfast. I guess we reasoned out that it was on our way to the farmer's market and blueberry farm? Either way- Ralph's breakfast:
Egg and salsa on a bagel with a frozen mocha latte?

Cinnamon raisin cream cheese on a banana nut bagel. Sadly, we're not near enough to NYC to get hardcore chewy bagels, but the ones up in Binghamton/Ithaca have fun flavors and that was good enough for me! I had about half the bagel (knowing I'd probably want to snack later on....)

We went to the farmer's market and picked up peaches, patty pan squashes, an assortment of different colored tomatoes (to be seen tomorrow) and a golden zucchini.

Ralph picked up this lovely looking Blondie. Of course we had to have a taste...

And then went to the blueberry farm again (it was my last day here... and we ran out of our fresh blueberries from last time....)
Very happy to be picking blueberries again!

Ralph sneaking a taste... It's okay, that's the best part, no?

After picking blueberries, we figured it was time to go home and make lunch.

More quiche, plus butter lettuce and cabbage              We decided to finish the last of the Honeymoons
Blueberry crisp I froze from last time- still tasty!

And then it was time to pack. Saturday was the last day of my lease, so we had to get moving. I think we started moving at 1:30. Sadly no pictures of the craziness, but I will say that even though I started packing last week, I (surprise) still left a lot of things to do until the last minute. I always leave the kitchen stuff too long and that always contains a LOT of stuff. And then the little bedroom knick knacks. And we also had to run out and pick up a new set of blinds (other ones broke in half). Well, I think we finally got out of there around 7:30 (after filling my car and half of Ralph's) and went to check out a friend's new apartment (he had to move out too). We left Binghamton a little after 8 and drove the hour to Ralph's apartment. When we got there, we were both pretty hungry so we went to a nice little restaurant in his town for tapas, yay!

We walked the few blocks to the restaurant and bother decided to start with beer/wine
(The last few are from my camera phone)
I got a California Zinfandel

 Ralph's Sam Adam's Summer Ale

My tapas:

Pesto flatbread

Sun dried tomato dip with extra bread.

We both split our dishes equally and both left stuffed.

Overall, it was a busy day, but we definitely saved some time for the fun stuff!


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