Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bits and Pieces Part I

Good evening! I'm sorry I went missing there, but long story short it has been a busy week. I spent a few days with family and then traveled back to my old apartment to move my stuff out for good. Although I still have some more things to do, I will be in one place for the long haul starting tomorrow.

For now here are bits and pieces from last Wednesday:

I'm usually not a cereal kinda girl, especially cereal with dried fruit bits in it, but this was actually a very good cereal. It was the Kashi U Cereal with black currants and walnuts. Good choice mom and dad! (No seriously, it was good considering I'm as picky about cereal as the kid from the Kix commercials ha!)

After breakfast, my mom, dad and I picked up my aunt and baby cousin and headed into the city to meet my uncle and my teenage cousin, Amelia. We met at Rockefeller center, checked out the nearby Anthropologie, FAO Schwartz and lastly:
My uncle treated Amelia and I to our own bags of candy- she made a beeline for the chocolate section (smart girl!) and I made a mix of things:

They also had a chocolate fountain(!!!!) and we both got chocolate covered marshmallows. We tried to figure out how to get the maximum amount of chocolate on our marshmallows/sticks/provided wax paper. Amelia was more successful at it than I, but it was still very good. We ended up going upstairs to see what their cafe/candy bar had. Needless to say it was just junk sweets, so my dad got me a coffee which I ate with my candy. 

After lunch leaving Dylan's our group split up while my uncle and Amelia went to see the Blue Man Group and the rest of us headed up to Central Park:

And found this gem, the Cop Cot:

We sat for a bit, then headed back to the car since it was getting hot and muggy as if it was going to rain. After dropping off my aunt and cousin, we headed home. I ate a leftover sub for my late lunch

I left soon after to drive upstate to Ralph's. He was kind enough to make stir fry for dinner, which I ate with a hot sauce/blue cheese topped salad:

I know it doesn't look that appetizing, but the stir fry was quite tasty, yum!


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