Friday, August 6, 2010

Almost There


Started with a fresh peach (which is making me crave another one now, hah!)

Mid- meal pic- I actually had another deviled egg plus a near plate-full of fruit, promise!)

Then somewhere mid morning I realized that I couldn't just send a signed document asking to have my background check released. That's not how NY rolls. Instead I had to make an appointment to get the fingerprints done (Luckily, there were openings on Tues) or request to have a packet sent to me so I could get it done in Jersey. Sadly, I decided to go the quickest route- rush out of town to get to my appointment in time.

Lunch was quick but satisfying:
I took Rudy for a quick walk, and was out of there by mid-afternoon. The drive was a little over 2 hours, so I got to my appointment at 5 on time yay! And after I was done, I was in my friend's neighborhood, so I gave her a call and we met up for a little while after ~1 year of not seeing each other. Not a bad day at all!

Since I was close to my parents house (~20 minutes) I went home and surprised them!

Mom and dad had dinner, so I just had a frozen red beans and rice type meal.

And afterwards went out for ice cream (soft serve vanilla again + rainbow sprinkles, because I was feeling adventurous ha!) One of these days I will get the chance to take a picture of my ice cream, I'm so bad about it!

And before bed:

Sliced up a nectarine, plus a buttered bagel. Sadly, I don't think I've ever had a soft/ripe nectarine before. If I have, it's a rare occurrence. Yet somehow I've been able to find a ripe peach... I think I will have to search NJ or PA.... or maybe even Delaware.

My dad and I ran some errands, then at noon we went out for pizza. We both got a slice of whole wheat pizza.

At about 4/4:30 I left for my sister's house again. Midway through, I picked up an iced latte, and snacked on a banana.

I got home around the same time as Melissa, so we took Rudy for a long walk and made a quick dinner. I cut up and half of a golden zucchini while Melissa made Cajun spiced chicken.

My plate (including leftover favorite, spaghetti and meatballs)

Rudy licking his chops, getting ready to chow down 

Lastly, Peanut butter pie

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  1. Oh wow, Peanut Butter Pie? I've never had that before! Looks yummy!