Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bits and Pieces 2

Good evening again! Sorry I'm late, but I'm finally in one place and connected again yay!

Anywho onto Thursday's recap- forgot to take a picture, but I believe I had 2 fried eggs and toast.

I returned to my apartment reasonably early, so I went for a 3 mile run. It was fun and not too hot and it felt good to run and clear my head. I came back to my apartment, cleaned up, got changed and did some work on my online course.

                                                         Then I had a burrito for lunch:
And sadly that's not sour cream on the bottom, but rather Greek Yogurt. 'Twas okay. I'd been trying to get rid of as much stuff in my fridge as possible before moving, so it was a decent replacement.

After lunch, I went to mall to use an American Eagle gift card I had, and ended up getting a few new cute tops. I also walked around the mall for a little while. When I got home I did some more work on my computer (and in hindsight, I realize I should have spent some more time packing for my final move, but that's just how it goes.)

And then somewhere along the line I started feeling sad and lonely. Maybe it was the impending final move far away from Ralph, friends, the last 4 years of my life. Or maybe it was the tumultuous week I had (driving down to Jersey, back and forth around Jersey, up to the NYC area and then back to central NY). Maybe it was because I missed my blog activites/friends/etc. (No joke, I wasn't able to catch up ALL week. I'm sorry if it seems like I fell off the face of the earth!) Either way, I was not feeling being in my apartment alone and couldn't get ahold of friends in town. I had a quick early dinner:
And then drove to Ralph's. When I passed through his town, I saw a large gathering of people and heard music playing. When I got to his apartment, I told him about it and we walked over to the concert. We found out it was a Blues Concert, and although it was cool to see this happening in the center of town, we're not really into Blues. We decided to walk to the ice cream shop located a few blocks away (ok, more than a few blocks... maybe 1/4 mile?)

I chose a regular size vanilla soft serve with rainbow sprinkles. Sadly, no pic available, but I think we can all picture the deliciousness pretty well. I ate half of it, and tried to salvage the rest on our walk back to Ralph's apartment.


Friday was a lot better. I had a plan. I was going to head back to my apartment, then head out to the University to say bye to friends I worked with in lab and at my on campus job.

The day started with my fav:
Peanut butter + honey toast, plus banana.

Then I drove back to Binghamton. I stopped at my apartment to drop some things off, picked up my bike and rode over the University. I spent about 2 hours walking around and meeting with old friends. Around noon I came home and made chocolate banana soft serve:

And then found room for a real lunch:

Homemade torilla chips.
Kinda burnt, so I only had half.

I did some work on my computer course and then went back to around 4 to meet up with friends I couldn't catch up with earlier.

Around 6, Ralph arrived. We were planning to make quiche since Ralph gets a dozen eggs every week from a coworker, and well, let's just say he had a few dozen that needed to be used, figure 3-4 dozen (including the dozen I had in my fridge already and the dozen Ralph brought with him friday night). Please keep this in mind as I recap this weekend.

For now, let's just say I really wanted to use up some of these eggs. We ran to the supermarket to pick up some things to make quiche plus something to eat while it was cooking:

Ralph had most of it, since I knew he was starting to get hungry after working all day, but he was nice enough to share a few pieces with me

Our creations:
Broccoli and red pepper with asiago

Sundried tomato with asiago

My plate:
Plus a sliver of the sundried tomato quiche.

The weekend- to be continued....


  1. It's good to have you back!
    1) loooove soft serve with rainbow sprinkles
    2) those quiches look incredible!

    I just ate dinner but I'm hungry again already.

  2. Those quiches were an amazing way to get rid of a lot of eggs. When my coworker originally offered to sell me a dozen eggs per week I originally thought "Hey, No problem! I love eggs, I wonder if that will be enough"? And it's true, I love eggs. But a month or so later, Emma comes over to my apartment, and the place is packed with eggs. The fridge spills eggs when opened, cabinets have eggs, piles of eggs need to be moved to sit at the table... Well, ok, it wasn't that bad, but I did have about 2 dozen unused eggs, and about 8 hard boiled. I tried a quiche before, and I know that I would get sick of them if I used all the eggs I had, because that's a lot of quiche. Luckily, Emma made them with me, and made them good, especially the sun dried tomato! More importantly, she also took some with her when she left.

    I'm getting another dozen at the end of this week, any ideas?

  3. Sarah- I'm glad to be back! Thank you- that sundried tomato would have nade a great model, although they were pretty tasty, too. Are you into baking quiches?