Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Bite Of Everything

Good morning! After I got my key card reactivated, my day was so much better:

Sipped on some Panera Bread coffee all morning- hazelnut mixed with decaf. The past two days I had coffee, and as good as these two cups tasted, I'm just not that into coffee anymore. I'll gladly drink it every now and then (esp decaf), but I just don't happily chug my coffee drinks the way I used to. :(

Warning: Lunch foods were completely improvised as I was literally running out the door yesterday morning

Mid morning snack:

Almond butter on wheat

Afternoon snack:
 plus another granola bar.

 Needless to say, I was still kinda hungry when I got home, I again snack on bits an pieces: some cherries, dried pineapple, Gouda on some matzo.

Dinner with friends:
Pic from my phone. Top left is brown rice, next to it is what can only be described as fajita style peppers, mushrooms, onions. The right hand corner dish was Happy Herbivore's tacos del verano, except I cooked mine. It featured zucchini, kidney beans and corn.

My plate:
Afterwards, I was convinced that all you really need for an awesome taco is a good spicy salsa/sour cream mixture! I also had another mound of the taco unwrapped.

Afterwards, the guys were trying to load Boot camp on a map so they could all play Age of Mythology. After getting somewhat frustrated, we they took a break and we went out for ice cream. I got a scoop (only one because the two scoops are kinda ridiculous) of krazy kupcake ice cream in a cone.

Later on in the evening, I decided I needed some more water:

And this morning a bite of everything:

On another note, does anyone know when it's supposed to cool down a little bit?

Stay cool!


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