Friday, July 2, 2010

Icing On The Cupcake

Hey, Happy Friday!!!

I finished off my fav. wheaty toast in style- topped with blueberry jam and almond butter. I know, I'm not too exciting of a breakfast eater.
I started it off with 'pickled cucumbers' , the last of Cordon Bleu chicken. 'Twas very good, but I need a break from meat! I had so much this week and I feel the difference when I switch from mostly veggies to eating meat. :(

Plus a chocolate granola bar chunk:
Words cannot describe how tasty it was!
After lunch snack

I felt kinda hungry all day. Maybe it was because I was just really thirsty? Not sure. Either way, after my snack, for a short run (more like a warm up, my hamstring was really bugging me, so I decided not to push it) did some strength training, and then did a brisk walk for some more cardio.

Greek salad, yum!
Falafel sandwich

And even though I was, um.. quite satisfied at this point, I was with a friend who never went to our local ice cream place- Pat Mitchell's... so that was pretty much the deciding factor, ha!

Kupcake Kraze ice cream- it tasted just like the icing off a cupcake. Delish!

Sadly, I'm going away this weekend, so I will recap on monday or tuesday!

Have a fun Fourth of July weekend!


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