Monday, July 19, 2010

Blueberry Heaven

Good Morning again!

The weekend recap continues...

Toast and scrambled eggs with hot sauce

During Breakfast, I mentioned that everything on the table gravitated toward him during meals (like when he acquired both his and my butter knife) and this is what I got: 

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

After breakfast we went to a farmers market:

I just picked up peaches. There's nothing better than fresh peaches in summer!

And then we went on the search for the blueberry farm. It was a little bit of a hunt since I forgot to print out directions (or bring a map). We figured we couldn't get too lost. Turns out I remembered more than I thought and we got to Apple Hill farm in record time. We actually found their stand and restaurant first, looked around, and then drove over to the Blueberry U-Pick.

It was so nice outside! It was sunny out and there was a cool breeze to combat the heat.

After 30-45 mins here's what we got:
I practically had to drag Ralph out of the fields, and even then, as we were leaving, he was picking more berries as we passed the bushes. Silly!

Then we went to Chenango State Park and visited the lake. We tanned and went swimming and just hung out at the park for about 2 hours. At this point we hadn't eaten a meal (besides blueberries and peaches) for hours.

We got back to my apt and then went to Wegmans. I got a soup and salad, both which were unappetizing since I was just really thirsty. We then picked up some groceries.

And finished the day with pineapple cinnamon ice pop and summer beer:

Perfect way to end a perfect day!


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