Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An Ordinary Day

So, I didn't have much enough for lunch so I snacked on one of my hearty granola bars

 And my special new nut butter on Matzo.
It tasted better than I imagined!

A little after 5, I decided I wanted to try doing a brick workout, which is where you bike, then run. I got dressed and got my gear together. I walked outside and reassembled my bike (it was disassembled in my car from the trip) and only then did I realize how hot it was. I told myself I'd ride for a few minutes to see how I felt, and if it was unbearable, I'd wait until later. It turned out, the heat wasn't too bad, and I decided to take a less strenuous route than I'm used to (less hills, more flat land) for 6 miles. I brought my bike back and set out for a 3 mile run. I ran maybe 2 miles of it after starting and stopping every now and then, and just walked the last mile home. This was when I realized how hot it was outside and I didn't want to heat stroke or anything like that. I came back and had what I was hoping would be my first dinner:

And then left for the grocery store. I wish my night was as simple as going to the grocery store, coming back and making my second dinner, which I was really looking forward to. Long story short- a week ago I forgot my key card for my building/room and went to the office in my apt complex to get a new one. They gave me a temporary key, meaning that I had to return with both keys to get my old one reactivated or something. Well, somewhere along 3 minute walk back to my apt, I not only forgot to return with the keys and actually threw out the old card. Well, last night, as I was going grocery shopping, the temp card expired, so when I got back I was locked out. I tried calling the person who was supposed to be on call, to no avail. Luckily, a good friend of mine was able to let me stay overnight and give me room in their fridge for my food, and I went to the office before work to get the whole thing straightened out. I have no pictures of the hummus and bread, watermelon I had last night, and today's bfast (apple muffin), but I quickly grabbed it before work (along with some quick food items). I will post today's eats later, but for now I'm going to make dinner!
On another note, Gina pointed out this great article. Some very interesting food for thought if you use artificial sweeteners, so I thought I'd pass this on too! Have a good afternoon!


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