Monday, July 12, 2010

Busy Saturday

Good evening!

On Saturday, I woke up around 8, but felt really tired. No worries, dad left a note saying he was getting bagels. Now I know we only live near NYC, not in the city, but I can't complain about fresh, chewy bagels. No way!

Honey wheat sesame with vegetable cream cheese.

After bfast, we started to clean. I would get into it more but hearing about someone cleaning is as much fun as actually cleaning yourself, haha!

Was that all I ate? I can't remember. I guess I was waiting for a post breakfast snack. I was kind of dragging mid-morning, so this definitely helped.

(insert more cleaning here)

Around 1pm, my mom came home from work, but we were still waiting for my sister to get home.
Kinda hungry:

My sister arrived and we soon went out for lunch:
Blackened salmon salad with mango, avocado, tomato and delicious greens! It was so tasty that I will have to attempt to make this again sometime.

(insert a lot more cleaning in here)

We were cleaning machines. Mom, dad, Ralph and I helped my sister sort through her things, and moved around furniture so my dad could paint the room. I sorted through a little more of my things (WAY too much clothing, a lot of which will be donated)

Later on, my sister left for her home, and the rest of us were ready to make dinner. I said I would make chickpea burgers (based off the Greek burgers in my Moosewood cookbook) while dad and Ralph were in charge of the grill and dad was also in charge of drinks.

I sauteed onions and mushrooms and added that to crushed chickpeas, breadcrumbs and an egg to make the burgers.

Meanwhile dad made Banana Daiquiris
had this x3. Seems like a lot but they weren't ridiculously strong and we spread them out.

Hanging out around the grill:
Every one's so happy chilling by the grill! Especially Ralph, haha!

In addition to the burgers, we had grilled corn, yum!

Didn't take a picture of my plate solo, but I think mine was the one in the middle- covered in ketchup of course!

We ate dinner outside since it was so mild out and not too humid. It was a lot of fun!

After dinner, Ralph took me out on a movie date. We saw Twilight- finally! I didn't really know what to expect (okay, I did, a little bit) but it was pretty good. I mean they always make it overly dramatic and such, but I think Ralph was right when he said that they sort of 'made fun' of moments that could have been mushy and weird. Plus there was more action in this movie (the only reason Ralph was looking forward to this one, that and making me happy).

We got home late


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