Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Smooth Start

Good afternoon! I'm getting ready to begin moving my things to my sister's house today, but I'll quickly recap yesterday's happenings.

Blueberry-banana smoothie to start
I swear, the fresh blueberries made all the difference with this smoothie (and/or that they were room temperature, but I'm sure the freshness helped too!)

Buttered toast. 'Twas okay.

After breakfast I kinda dilly-dallied, trying to decide whether or not to exercise, read/post for the blog, clean or pack. Exercising outside was out of the question since it started pouring again. Somewhere along the way I was trying to kill a fly in my apartment. As I was trying to pull open the blinds in my kitchen, I ended up breaking the plastic part on top in half. Granted, I was probably pulling with a little more force than necessary, but I still think they were flimsy and shouldn't have broken so easily. I was annoyed about breaking the blinds, but I was more annoyed with the fact that people could now see my every mood in the kitchen, so I decided to cover the window with an extra sheet I had.

And then I made burrito for lunch
Stuffed to the brim

I started packing more efficiently after breaking the blinds. How's that for motivation? I guess I figured I wanted to get out asap before I break anything else in the apartment.

Later on, I attempted to go for a bike ride, but a few minutes in it started raining. I tried to wait it out at a nearby school, and it did slow down, but it started raining harder again and I hightailed it home. Sorry to talk about the weather so much, but sometimes the weather here is more unpredictable than a teenagers' mood swings.

After the rain slowed and the sun came out again, I decided to start packing my car a bit. I'd been checking the radar all day (plus the thunderstorm warnings) and I knew another patch of rain was coming, so I thought I'd at least be able to get something done. I packed half my trunk, whoot!

And then the thunder came. And the hail. So I chilled out and made some popcorn!
Covered in chili powder and buttah.

Mulled around a bit, talked to Ralph, went to the gym and ran 4 miles, and then came back for dinner. I quickly boiled some whole wheat pasta.
Covered it with the Creamy tomato sauce.

And and orange juice ice pop, yum!
Then talked to my sister for a little bit!


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