Friday, July 23, 2010

Hittin' the Road

Good evening!

Today started out so weird. I was a little bum this morning... I set my alarm for 7 and instead of getting up at 7 I hit snooze for about an hour.... oops! Granted, I couldn't fall asleep until about 2 am, so I guess my body was retaliating a bit.

When I finally mosied out of bed, I picked up my last peach (*tear*) and ate it happily.

Then rounded out breakfast with some toast and 1/2 my cream topped yogurt!

I got dressed and continued to pack my car. My internet was down, so I went to the University to get connected (blogging, looking for FM transmitters for my Zune, get directions for the trip). Once I got the necessary info, I ran out to Best Buy to purchase the FM transmitter. They only had iPod ones, and one for all MP3 players- for 50 bucks! Um... pass. I ran to Target to see if they had any options and I was able to pick up a different one for 30- still expensive but at least a little bit better. I know the transmitter is not absolutely necessary, but since I have no other way to play my device in the car (and I often travel through zones with little musical variety to visit Ralph and such) I thought it would be a good investment. I made one last trip back to my apartment to pick up some last minute items and eat lunch.

Ah, lunch. I was ravenous once lunch time rolled around:
Pasta plus creamy tomato sauce

And CCV's Hot fudge baby!

Before I left the area, I met a friend at Starbucks to say goodbye. He treated me to a small skim strawberries n' cream frappucino. He noted how the strawberries 'n cream was not pink or consistent in color. I'm not sure whether to be happy ( real strawberries perhaps) or concerned (if it wasn't real strawberries.... then what was it?). Oh well, maybe we'll research further next time... if we're feeling brave, haha!

I then began my 3 1/2 drive south. The weather was perfect for a long drive. Sure, it was a little hot, but at least it was nice and sunny!

I arrived at my sister's house around 6. We went out for dinner at a new Italian restaurant in their town (They didn't yet have a liquor license, so my brother-in-law picked up a bottle of Chianti for us to enjoy, yay!) To sum it up, we enjoyed some bread w/ seasoned olive oil, calamari, and salad. I ordered Littleneck clams with marinara sauce over linguine. However, we were all so stuffed from appetizers and such that we took most of our entrees home.

All in all- very delicious dinner, but I'm stuffed! Goodnight!


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