Friday, July 9, 2010

Feeling The Heat

Good afternoon! Wow, I don't know about you, but yesterday felt like the hottest day yet (or maybe it's because I wasn't in air conditioning all day like earlier this week).

Pre lunch snack, one of the last granola bars yay!

Cheese and Broccoli open faced sandwich
The bread is under there somewhere, haha! I got this recipe from Moosewood (I'm totally having a blast with this cookbook and no mater how long it takes me, I will try every one at least once, I'm sure!) featuring ricotta, mozzarella and feta. Soooooo tasty!

Afternoon snack 1:
Granola bits are just as awesome as bars

My new fave cocoa-cherry banana soft serve.

So, during work I decided to go visit the bf, even though I'm knew I'd see him today and I'd be sacrificing more or less free air conditioning. The decision was easy because 1. He's wonderful and I missed him 2. I know that very soon I won't be close enough to visit him on a whim

Even though I know he'd probably be cooking, I couldn't resist bringing my groceries so I could take over his kitchen cook.

Meatless BBQ sandwich filling, courtesy of Happy Herbivore's sneak peek cookbook. I snagged a copy just before they were pulled for good and I'm glad I did! The recipes are creative, tasty and quick- definitely my cup of tea!

I held off on eating this because I tasted while cooking and I knew I wanted to go for a run despite the wicked hot temperatures.

I coaxed Ralph into going for a 4 mile run with me. Despite starting at 7:45, it was still brutally hot. Nothing TOO unbearable but definitely humid. I think we did really well, finishing in a little over 37 minutes.

When we got home and cooled down a little bit, I was finally ready for my meatless BBQ sandwich, topped with avocado and tomato, with a little bit of extra BBQ sauce.
I'm not exaggerating when I say that I inhaled this. It was superb!

After dinner, I snacked on dried fruit and chocolate. I kind of regret that decision because I woke up so hungry (possible blood sugar drop crisis???). No biggie, Ralph and I both had Nature's Path Heritage Oats with bananas.

We had breakfast at around 5:30, so before I left for work I guiltily snacked on the last pineapple-sunflower granola bar. I say guiltily because I was confused as to why I was hungry so early and after a decent breakfast? Well, now I understand why. It was around 8:30, so close to 3 hours after I first ate, which I now figure is pretty reasonable.

Another 3 hours later, I had another meatless BBQ sandwich:
Yeah, I was pretty hungry at this point- so much so that I also forgot to snap a pic before devouring the sandwich. It was also a very good sandwich, although it got a little soggy after a few hours. Oh well, it was still quite edible!

On my true lunch 'break', I went to get some bubble tea:
I normally get it with tapioca, but the pearls are almost a meal in and of themselves, so I passed on them and just got a honey milk tea.

Weekend, here I come! Have a happy Friday!


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