Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Story Continues...

Good evening!

Hey, so where did I leave off? Somewhere around leaving to go to the sports store just as the sun was coming out. After around an hour, I left with some goodies:

Fitness swim suit                                                                            Goggles
Ear plugs.... no water in my ears!

As I was trying on suits in the store, I became even more motivated to go for a bike ride. So that's what I did, when I got home, I went for an 11 mile bike ride, flat, and I finished in about 56 mins. Not too bad, I think!

I cam back, and refueled quickly with half a Scat Bar that Ralph's mom gave me:

The perfect mix of nuts and dried fruits! It was soft and gooey, but not too sticky, which I liked.

Hot Fudge Baby! made with dates, cashews, cocoa and I also added a little vanilla.

I had ti with a little milk.
It's a healthy treat as long as I have it with milk, right? Calcium?

And I got my overdose of Omega-6
Topped with salt and hot chili powder, yum!

Today's eats:

Overnight oats with banana on top.
I promise there were oats underneath the banana covering!

I got kinda hungry it the late morning, so I finished the banana.

Finally ate the sauce with actual pasta

And coconut rice

Late afternoon snack:
Cinnamon-Pineapple Ice pop (Moosewood again!)

Pre bike ride snack:

And then I went out for a 45 min bike ride. I was inside all day (again, haha!) so I decided to get some fresh air. It felt good to go out for a ride, but my left arm was mysteriously hurting me. Now it's not.... thank goodness, but it's very strange.

My poor, poor picture of my very tasty Falafel sandwich. It filled me to the brim and was SO GOOD!

I'm now sipping on a homemade hot chocolate!
Goodnight! See you in the A.M. for my last day of work at the University!


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