Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How to Indulge

Good evening!

I now present sunday morning's breakfast.
Split the peach with Ralph. See, I'm a good sharer, right? Ralph?

I think after this we went for a bike ride. I was such a downer about it though. I think I complained the whole time because we left around 12:30 and it was the hottest, sunniest part of the day. It turned out to be okay, and we covered maybe 8 miles? However, I was so mean about it.

We stopped at Lone Maple Farm so Ralph could get honey. We also picked up some cinnamon sugar doughnuts. We each had one and then split a third. They were so yummy, how could we not?

Then we got back to my apartment ready (and not too hungry) to cook.

Made a HUGE batch of Creamy tomato sauce:

And some pasta to enjoy it with.


As you can see, I will do whatever it takes to avoid wasting sauce!

Now onto the baking portion of our segment. Remember those blueberries we picked? About half of them went into this blueberry crisp:

Of course we had to taste test it!
The recipe kept it simple and the crisp ended up tasting great. The topping could have been mositer, but hey, it is a crisp so some part of it had to be a little crispy.

Another portion of berries went into these blueberry muffins
We halved the recipe and made a dozen.

After baking and eating our baked goods, we went to Barnes and Noble so Ralph could pick up a book. We came back to my apartment building and read for a little while right outside my building. While we were outside, we ran into a couple of friends who were leaving Five Guys, with their burgers in hand. On top of that, I'm moving very soon, and I won't be living this close to this awesome burger joint, so Ralph and I decided to go for it:

My burger covered in fries:

My burger- I ended up eating half and then having some fries.


And just something to leave you with. As Ralph and I were finishing up our burger/fries meal, we saw a family who, after finishing their Coldstone ice creams, went into Five Guys and got fries. And normally, I might comment on that, but after reviewing what I ate on sunday (lots of yummy, indulgent stuff), I think I'll pass, haha! 


  1. Hey Emma! that picture of the blueberry cobbler reminded me that I have a portion left in the fridge, which is packed beyond imagination with stuff.I'm working on that though...

    Also, I wanted to walk up to that family that got the Coldstone then the fries and say "would you like an ambulance with that"? But I refrained. Lucky you. XOXO

  2. Me too! I have so much blueberry crisp left from this weekend.... As for the family, I felt it would have been a little bit hypocritical if we said something to them, even though we didn't get Coldstone (c'mon, we had a piece of blueberry crisp and muffins....) we all could have used an ambulance after Five Guys, lol!

  3. OMG (and I never use that insipid phrase, btw). I think you're channeling my mother. (In a really good way!) I cannot express how much I love the crisp and muffins you made! You're a girl after my own heart. My mom even has that exact same casserole dish! Oh how I miss blueberry picking...

  4. I'm glad! It was a lot of fun picking and baking with them, and even just eating then raw. I usually don't like raw blueberries from the store, but picking them has made all the difference! It's a shame the strawberry/blueberry/etc seasons don't last longer, no?