Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lightning Fast Friday

Good morning! Happy Sunday!

Friday marked a crazy start to a busy, family filled weekend.

Started with a blueberry muffin and blueberries

A little while later I drove my brother in law to Loews and we picked up materials to redo the floor in their dining room.

Around lunchtime:
Half the leftovers from dinner the previous night- still tasty!

After I ate lunch, my sister got home and we took her dog, Rudy, to the vet for a short check up. They said he was doing good.

My sister and I came back home and got ready to work. Around 4:30 we started pulling up the carpet and padding. I guess now I should mention that the reason we had to pull it up is because Rudy, though he's a sweet little dog, has been marking all over the living room/dining room carpet, and the carpet just absorbed everything. Were hoping that he'll stop doing that in this room once we put in a new floor (or at least it'll be a lot easier to clean up if he does do it). After pulling the carpet, we had to pull out the staples for the padding. We finished doing that around 6/6:30.

When we took a little break, I went out in search for a farm stand to get fruit. I did find a farm stand, but I wasn't sure if they were open, so I was unadventurous and just headed to the store. When I got back I was really hungry and snacked on a banana and then finished up my linguine with clam leftovers.

Then we got back to work and started putting the laminate tile on the floor. We soon realized that, of course, the walls weren't quite even, so we'd have some gaps, and we tried to figure out what to do. By 9, my brother in law remembered what he did when he previously tiled, and he and my sister started tiling the floor hardcore. Meanwhile, the boyfriend, Ralph, arrived at my sister's house and I sat with him while he had something to eat. Afterwords, we went out for ice cream, but I guess I was in vacuum mode and inhaled my little cup before I remembered to take a picture, haha!

Ralph and I came back and we helped place the tiles. I think we were able to finish up the whole tiles by around 10:15, leaving the oddly shaped crevices for Saturday morning and a fresh night of sleep.


  1. Ack tiling sounds intimidating to me. I totally wouldn't know what to do with odd shaped walls!

  2. It was an interesting home improvement project. Actually, my brother-in-law was in charge of the weird corners and such, so I have to give him major props for sticking with it and having the patience to think about the logistics. I think I would have been more into the project if we had a little more time to work through the problems. Either way, the floor looks nice and neat again!