Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What Time Is It? Burrito Time!

Good evening!

Tuesday began with a peach
Although there are so many delicious fruits available in the summertime, I think the fruit I'd hug this month has to be a peach!

Blurry blueberry muffin for breakfast
And then I did much of the same things as yesterday- a little bit of cleaning, a little bit of packing, a little bit of blog reading and writing, and worked on my online course.

Took a burrito break:
I kinda overcooked the tortilla so it didn't fold well, but it was nice and crunchy!

Blurry inside peek:
My burrito featured homemade refried beans, barely cooked zucchini and corn, salsa, sour cream over a wheat tortilla. Seriously, the salsa and sour cream make the burrito! Guacamole's awesome too, but salsa and sour cream are bare minimum ingredients in my book!

Afterwards, I took a bike ride to campus and back, then hung out with a friend for a little while. We ended up going for bubble tea. I ordered a HUGE cup of coconut bubble tea with tapioca pearls. Sadly no pics, but I assure you it was at least a 16 oz cup of deliciousness.

The tapioca pearls left me full for a while, so I had a later dinner:
Creamy tomato sauce over wheaty bread/toast.

Can you tell where the bread is?
It's in there somewhere I promise. I also promise to make more pasta soon so I don't look like a weird tomato-sauce-topped-bread eating girl, ha! Ah well, it worked.

On another note: What's inside your favorite burrito? Just curious...


  1. I agree, salsa and sour cream are required. I think you could put smelly old socks in a burrito and I'd still eat it as long as it had sour cream and salsa :D

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks they're necessary! Although I do feel kinda silly for not realizing this sooner... :)