Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm Back! Plus Mini Recap

Hey there! Sorry for my little hiatus. This weekend I had a little (ok, kinda huge) family reunion. Basically, one whole side of my family came to visit through the weekend, so we have been doing things together for the past few days. I'll at least cover saturday, and sort of cover sunday and monday as much as I can haha!

Saturday morning, Ralph and I went to the Amish Market near my sister's house for breakfast.
I guess I was hungry, because I already started eating before snapping a picture, whoops!

Ralph and I ran some errands before returning to my sister's house and before all the family arrived.

Mom, dad, my brother Adam and my grandma arrived first.
We started noshing on some pretzels and assorted vegetables as seen in the background.
The pretzel platter was a little more photogenic :)

My brother in law, Dave, was doing the grilling and made these delicious chicken wings, yum!

Later on, I had some sausage with peppers

Chocolate crumb cake, and aside from nibbles at bits of frosting from Ralph's plate, I more or less ignored the cookie cake.

The afternoon was filled with catching up with family I haven't seen in a very long time. Sadly, many of my family members live across the country or even across the pond in the U.K., but even though we're far away, it's always nice to see everyone again!

Salad plus Dave's mom's basmati rice and biryani? I will have to find out. Now that I'm moving in with my sister, I'm hoping to learn how to cook like Dave's mom!

Went to my mom's cousin's house and to a nearby lake. My cousin (Amelia), Ralph and I spent a lot of time swimming in the lake. It was a lot of fun! The air temp was in the 90's, but the water was just as hot. We spent the whole time looking for cold spots. We had subs for lunch and just as we were looking to go swimming again, we heard thunder, so that was it for our day by the lake. We went back to our cousin's house, and got back just in time to beat out the rain! We spent some time chatting and relaxing and before we knew it the power went out. Luckily, the rain cooled the air considerably and we didn't worry about the power because the evening plans included a trip to Atlantic city- we were adventurous yesterday, no? Anywho, we cleaned ourselves up and headed out to Atlantic city for dinner and a nice walk on the boardwalk. I'd never been to Atlantic city before, but it was pretty cool. Sadly, even though I'm 21, I didn't play any of the games. Maybe next time? All I know is that I was looking to go for a walk along the boardwalk and it was everything I wanted and more!

Spent a lot of time in the car driving up north to the beach. Sorry, no pics, although I'm kicking myself because I really should have. However, I DID participate in numerous family group pictures during the reunion plus uncle Mike's candid shots. Does that count? Yes? Ok, until tomorrow, when I'll be in full swing again (and I may even jump start it with a run, but we'll see!)



  1. Wow! Sounds like a lot of summer fun. Those pretzels look so good. Are they homemade? Your mom's cooking looks incredible! It's still really early in the morning but I could eat that right up.

  2. Hey sorry for the delay on this reply! Actually the pretzels were from the Philly Soft Pretzel Factory. Although I'm not in Philly, they had a store very close to my sister's house. And I'm with you there on eating her food- I would eat it anytime of day (even though it has quite a kick!)