Monday, June 28, 2010

Cooking Marathon

Hey, I'm back with sunday's recap! You'll soon see why this took so long to post, but for now breakfast!

Toast and strawberries. Ralph helped me with the strawberries, but I finished off most of them.

Ralph putting jam on his toast ( and letting me take a nice pic of him!)

After breakfast, we lounged for a bit then ran some errands. When we got home we refueled and finished our Lasagna-style ziti in record time.

I was then ready to start baking/cooking for the week:
Mixing 2 weeks worth of granola bars:

And made 2 types:

Chocolate chip                                                  Pineapple and Sunflower

Closeup. Delicious no?

After putting the granola in the oven, Ralph and I started preparing our separate dishes for the week

4 cutlets of cordon bleu sans bread crumbs, with mozzarella and Gouda instead of swiss, + italian spices

Jambalaya w/ turkey sausage, no file powder

Ralph and I snacked on our dishes throughout the whole 2 hr cooking process(probably at least 2 granola bars worth + some tastes of the Jambalaya), so we weren't hungry for dinner around the usual time. We relaxed for a bit, then went for a bike ride. On our ride home, we stopped for bubble tea (ok, not so much tea. It was more like a peach slushie with tapioca beads on the bottom)

After our ride (and despite our pit stop for bubble tea) we worked up an appetite. He had a piece of chicken and a side of Jambalaya. I wasn't as hungry, so I just had a bowl of Jambalaya.

It took a while to cook, but I'm just glad I won't have to cook as much this week!

Catch you later with today's recap!


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