Thursday, June 24, 2010

How To (NOT) Prepare For A Gym Workout

So after last night's post, I had a 'plan' for my night: go to the gym at 7:30, do some sort of strength workout, run a bit, clean up and hang out with friends. It didn't exactly go as planned (at least the workout part). Here's how it went:

7:15- Realized I should probably start planning what kind of exercises to do/what I should workout
7:17- Start looking through Fitnessista's Summer Shape Up to write down the exercises and check out demos
7:25- stare confusedly at the computer/wonder how I'm going to feel comfortable doing half of these moves at the gym... in front of people
7:30 Get dressed for the gym, get my stuff together and wonder why I usually bring my car keys (has my PF gym pass) with me
7:35 Tell myself I really don't want to go
7:40 Finally arrive at the gym and warm up on the treadmill
7:45 Begin doing an exercise I have no idea how to do (forward and side lunges, which I didn't have a demo of), feel weird and jump on some of the machines
 It got slightly better from there, but I really wish I planned out my workout beforehand. I think I would feel a LOT more comfortable doing strength training as long as I have a plan, and don't have too many unique exercises (at least at first) that make me feel really awkward. Actually, a lot of the exercises Gina posts are able to be done at home and many use an exercise ball. Although I know I can do them at home, I don't have weights at home (and I don't want to get them since I have a gym membership, and they have weights and all sorts of machines at Planet Fitness). What a dilemma... any thoughts?

Anyways, after the gym, I came home and cleaned up. I was content (not hungry or stuffed), but I knew that feeling wouldn't last for long, so I got a smoothie:

Blueberry Pineapple, yum! I know this I probably the McDonald's of smoothies, but whatever, it was delicious and kept me satisfied for a long while!

Afterward, I hung out with a friend for a few hours. I ended up going to bed later than usual, and even though I'm pretty energized once I get up, I thought it was best to postpone my swim until tomorrow morning.

                                                     As promised, here are my overnight oats:
This time I added ground flax to my oat mixture. As much as I love ground flax, I put in too much (at least 2 Tbsp), which made the oat layers sink to the bottom, boo! I really need to work on getting my oat mixture to the right density so it stays in layers. It was still really tasty, but I couldn't finish the bottom layer of oats, oh well!

See you later with my afternoon eats and exercise recap!


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