Friday, June 18, 2010

Last of the Fixin's

Hey there! Happy Weekend!

So, today was interesting. I finally finished my dishes from this week (i.e. sorry, one more overlap, I promise. Expect new things next week!)

Lunch began a little early, with the last of my strawberries:

They are local and thus oddly shaped. I hope I can get another batch before the strawberry season is over!

I promise, this is the last time this week. Oddly enough I'm not sick of this chickpea gyro- it's like a guiltless hearty salad. And of course it's best served with naan (or pitas).

Between lunch and dinner was kind of weird. I was driving home and I neglected to take something with me, so when I stopped for gas, I grabbed a peanut butter Nature's valley bars. They were okay, just something to keep my hunger at bay and give me a little energy boost (trust me, it worked!)

When I got home, I was a little hungry and very thirsty. I ended up going to Boston Market with my parents:

I got 1/4 white meat piece dipped in their Sweet Thai Chili Garlic sauce (YUMMMM!), veggies (not quite steamed, but still good) and candied yams! (Almost too sweet, but still very good.)

And to quench my thirst:

A mixture of sweetened green tea and unsweetened regular tea = just the right sweetness!

And now after being hungry for a few hours, I am stuffed!

Night! See you tomorrow for more good eats!


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