Friday, June 11, 2010

A good start

Hey there! I started my day with some Vegan Overnight Oats with a slight twist:
Oats, chia seeds, ground flax seeds and covered with a mixture of coconut milk and water. In the morning, it was a little dry, so I added somore more milk. And as you can can see, I didn't feel like doing the banana soft serve, so I just cut up come bananas (just as delicious!) and that little purple spot was blueberry jam. I've made VOO before, and I think the banana adds he right touch of sweetness, but the blueberry jam is an extra treat!

I skipped out on my morning swim (it just felt to good to sleep in). This breakfast was totally worth it, plus the forecast showed it was supposed to be sunny today (also, there was an orientation at the school I work at today, so I always expect good weather when we have visitors).

I was hungry for lunch quite early today, so I enjoyed the rest of my jazzed up broccoli (1-1.5 cups) with the other half of my sweet potato and about 1 oz of feta cheese.

Later, around 1:30 I picked up some Genisoy BBQ soy chips. It held me over until I got home to have this:

Some more of my red fried rice from yesterday. I followed it with a handful of honey roasted peanuts, which I think will help hold me over for a few more hours, yay! Now to take advantage of the great weather... Catch you later!


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