Tuesday, June 15, 2010

If some like it hot...

then I like it smokin' hot! You'll see why later, but for now breakfast:
Multigrain rolls topped with peanut butter and blueberry jam, with iced tea on the side. What can I say- I like my carbs in the morning. Also, I wanted something relatively quick before going for a swim.

I then swam for 30 minutes, and I sort of did 50m intervals for about 20 mins of it.

Next, my early morning snack:

And then for real lunch later on:

My SW scramble, with spicy salsa and naan, followed by:

 1.5oz JalapeƱo chips, so this is where I get to the smokin' hot part. These things separately (the scramble, salsa had some chipolte in it) are not that hot on their own, but when enjoyed together are kinda spicy (though not 'my mouth is on fire spicy', but that's ok!)

And then when I came home I was still thirsty for more tea:
this is just a mixture of green tea and hibiscus pineapple lychee. Yum!

That's half my day, see you later!


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