Friday, June 18, 2010

Get your Greens

It's friday! Here's my eats from yesterday afternoon/evening:

My chickpea gyro, this time in true gyro form!

Sweet potato chips! These were tasty, but saltier than I expected (the package said 120 mg salt, which is probably a lot for a small bag of chips, but less than the other varieties I tried earlier this week).

Around 6pm, I went to Panera Bread. Sadly, I forgot my camera again (doh!), but I documented my drink when I got home:
I love Panera's iced GREEN tea. I had it with their Greek salad and a nice chunk of their wheat baguette. Sorry for the missing photo, but I'm sure I will eat one of these again soon.

I came home at 8 and relazed for an hour or so, then went to the gym and did some more strength training. This session brought me to my goal of doing strength training twice a week (which doesn't sound too difficult, but I'm really not very consistent with strength training).

I cam home and, well, snacked. Maybe my greens from dinner didn't hold me over very long? Or maybe I had mistaken thirst for hunger? Either way, I had some tasty treats:
Really cute packaging, and it was a decent price.
I had a chunk like this (with a heart stamp in it)x2.

And look:
It even came with a love poem!

It was cute, and the chocolate was pretty good too, but then again, who can complain about cherries, almonds and chocolate mixed together? Not me!

To boost my water intake:
And this way just yummy and chocolately:
I think this was what I wanted all along. I was pretty satisfied after this, but I'm thinking next time I will need to make a batch of cupcakes with a stronger vanilla flavor. Still good though!


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