Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fun Filled Tuesday!

Hi again! Here's today's recap with more surprise eats!

I woke up at 6:45, ready to eat and ready to swim.
First breakfast:
This was the same piece of toast from above, with blueberry preserves. This jam was so good- it literally had whole blueberries in there, not just the blueberry juice- awesome!!!

I got to the pool at around 7:40, so I had a little under and hour to swim. I tracked that I swam 52 pool lengths, so I swam about 1300 meters, most of them in 4 pool-length sets.

I went to work and started on my second b-fast
Pineapple-sunflower granola bar with a handful of cherries.

I missed the memo that we would be having a little office party. My manager brought in home-baked goods, chips, cookies and ordered us pizza. However, I brought lunch and was determined to eat it.
Chicken Cordon Bleu, cooked broccoli, and cucumber. At first, I was thinking about grabbing a slice of pizza, but abandoned it for this:
The bottom was a cookie, topped with a brownie and I'm certain there were chocolate chips in there. A little while later I grabbed another piece about this size. While I would have preferred to have less, I didn't go CRAZY and this was the perfect indulgence.

After work, Phil invited me over for dinner again, this time for burritos, yum! Our spread:
Refried beans, salsa, guac, sour cream     Spicy chicken- barbeque sauce and chipotle, seasoned rice  
Burrito with a little bit of everything
Burrito unwrapped.

Food coma? nah. Guilt- not really, because it's better than eating a small dinner and snacking too much later on. That's all for now! (Although, I think a homemade hot cocoa is calling my name.... we'll see!)

Goodnight! I'll catch you tomorrow!


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