Monday, June 14, 2010

Everything is better covered in Chocolate

Good evening! Here's a recap of my eats:
I didn't sleep well last night, so I slept in late and took my time this morning. Breakfast began with my take on OSG's Vegan Overnight Oats. I only put in oats, chia seeds, and a mixture of coconut milk and water. The whole thing was mixed with banana soft serve. Sadly, my overnight oat mixture was too watery, so the banana soft serve kind of just mixed in with it instead of layering. I was still hungry so I followed this with strawberries:

I ate the strawberries while I prepared Moosewood SW scramble, which you'll see later.

I ate breakfast kinda early (and it was mostly water, or at least that's what I told myself ha!) So I started lunch early at 11am. Sadly, today's chickpea gyro was kinda camera shy (Ok, more like I was too shy at the time to pull out the camera at my desk) so here's what it should would have looked like:

minus the lettuce wraps, + a big slice of naan!

I continued to work until 1:30 and then had the second half of my lunch:

I overcame my photo shyness and snapped this pic at my desk. Here is the SW scramble I made this morning. The scramble contains eggs, red bell pepper, onion, chipolte, salt and pepper. It was topped with 'salsa' made of tomato, avocado, cilantro, lime juice and chipolte pepper.

This could have used a little more salt and pepper (the red pepper was so deliciously sweet!), but other than that it was great. I love have breakfast for lunch/dinner!

After work, at about 4:30 I snacked on some strawberries and banana chips:

Around 6:30, I went to the gym, and ran for 45 mins, then did a little bit of strength training (very little). I don't know about you, but I feel very intimidated whenever I approach the machines and it's even worse when I hit the free weights section (in Planet Fitness). I know PF is the 'no judge zone' (also, not that anyone's judging me), but I still feel really uncomfortable training in that section. I'm going to try to overcome my fear (and try to go at less crowded times), because I know how important strength training is. I will keep you updated!

Anyway, after the gym, I was looking to begin refueling. I started with this:

Apparently, my hummus and crackers are not talking anymore?

Nah, I guess not

I was a little lazy (and I didn't want to repeat my lunches for dinner, yet), so I heated up a Tabatchnick Minestrone, and ate it with more naan:

And ended my day of eats covered in chocolate!

Chocolate covered strawberries rock, but this is becoming a new fav treat in my life!

See you tomorrow with more good eats!


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